High-quality Mac, Windows, Android and desktop wallpapers

Wallpaper or background  is a nonwoven (paper) or woven  backing, decoratively printed for application to walls of a residence or business. Wallpaper is not considered essential to the decoration of a structure; however, it has become a primary method by which to impart style, atmosphere, or color into a room.

The earliest wallpapers used in Europe as early as the thirteenth century were painted with images of popular religious icons. These “domino papers” were pasted within homes of the devout; however, they also enlivened the bleak homes of the poor. Within the next few centuries, papers were hand block-printed, but only remained popular with the poor.

to day we we have for you , 4 best wallpapers you can use it lik a back ground for your android phone or your iphone and also your computer