Wath is AirMore ? IOS and android !!!

aire is an free mobile app how can help you export, import, view, and delete files, but a handy music player as well . This app allows you to play the songs of your choice and add your favorite music. But you may want to do more than adding music to “My favorites”.

Luckily, the great news is that you can now create playlists in AirMore app to divide the songs into different categories as you like. Below is everything about this new feature.

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Three More Practical Features

Capture device screen in one click on web wirelessly. And it allows you to keep it as a file or copy it to clipboard. With this, you can share what is happening with others at first time.



Four More Security Assurance

This wireless Android and iOS file transfer enables you to transfer files between PC and mobile device in a secure way, for your permission is needed to access your device.